Launching Zebra’s New Year
January 15, 2018

Zebra Collective launched the New Year with a coming together of a dozen friends, associates and potential associates who had brought their passion and best thinking to help shape and support our plans and possibilities for 2018.

It was a wonderfully energised development session with lots of focused discussion, exchange and deepening of ideas – look at the photos and notice the intent listening and thinking…

Very heartening to feel the strength of the Zebra Community within the diversity of personal and professional backgrounds and the support, ideas and pledges offered.

Collaboration of the Collectives
November 2, 2017


Growing our Equalities Team
October 12, 2017

At Zebra we’re currently rebuilding our equalities team. Seven potential associates joined us recently for a Saturday session at Plymouth Library to hear about the history, values, style and current programme of our equalities work. There followed a brilliant conversation about possibilities, and each person shared how they’d like to be involved. Here were 7 strong candidates, all of whom we’d like to work with.

Our work in equality (inclusion / challenging discrimination / cultural capability / power & privilege) has new energy and real potential for development and growing impact.

Cornwall Council Child & Families Services: training contracts in (a) Promoting Inclusion & Challenging Discrimination, and (b) Cultural Capability
October 12, 2017

We’re pleased at our successful bid to retain these two contracts, allowing us to continue our long-term relationship with Cornwall Council on equality, inclusion and cultural capability. This complements our ongoing solution-focused work with the Council. Sessions begin in November.


SF World Conference, Bad Soden, Germany, 22-24 September 2017
October 12, 2017

I had the good fortune to be here, and my best hopes – of learning lots from multifarious workshops; of developing my thinking through the critical thinking and academic rigour evident in the discussions; and of being immersed in a sea of solution-focused practitioners – were outstripped.

I ran a workshop on SF Reflecting Teams, introducing the model then facilitating a real session in the room. The feedback was good and I think there’s scope to run something similar at next year’s conference – in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Travelled by train, and the quality improved as I moved east, from Great Western to Eurostar to France’s TGV bullet train from Paris to Frankfurt (cruising – floating – at 200mph). Given the environmental impact of aviation, it was good that Zebra Collective could demonstrate that rail is an option even over these kinds of distances. I worked plenty on the train. To a significant extent, “I don’t have time” is a mindset, and how it’s affecting things out there.

Marc Gardiner