Zebra works with organisations who are actively making a difference to help them achieve their potential.

Our focus is on training and facilitating change in three core areas that represent our values: equality, participation and positive communication. The Zebra team of skilled individuals from a variety of backgrounds bring years of experience as practitioners, managers, trainers and facilitators to this work. We care about what we do and will work as hard as we can to promote these values in your organisation.

“I wanted to personally thank you for the workshop you facilitated yesterday. The feedback I have received from all has been very positive. It has made me think about what we, as an agency, need to do better, differently and do for the first time. Thank you once again and I’m sure we will be calling on your services again.”

What you can expect from the Zebra Collective

  • Work with you to identify clear objectives
  • Base our work on your strengths and previous success
  • Make equality, access and inclusion an integral part of all our work
  • Reflect on our work and respond to feedback
  • Maintain confidentiality in respect of sensitive material
  • Take responsibility for communicating clearly at all times
  • Do what we say we’ll do, when we said we’d do it.

“Zebra worked closely with (us), produced an agreed timetable of work, ensured regular and timely communication, and was flexible and responsive to need throughout the process.”