Chas Shaw

In 1978, injuries sustained in a road traffic accident forced me into a career change, via higher education. It started with a rehabilitation course, where I gained, amongst other things, a qualification in accounting. I didn’t see myself as an accounts clerk, however, and instead used this learning experience as a stepping-stone to enroll on a social science degree course.

Armed with my degree, I headed for the voluntary and community sector, where I became a Development Worker. I helped to develop co-operatives, including a period where I worked in one as the Co-ordinator, before moving on to help develop tenants and residents associations.

Throughout my 25 years of ‘developing’, I barely noticed that my accounting knowledge had become a well-used tool, sharpened through the many different calls upon it.

So here I am now: Zebra’s Finance lead. And I’ve been with Zebra since its inception, holding a range of different roles including Coop Development advisor.