Plymouth City Roller Derby

Zebra are delighted to be part-sponsoring the upcoming match of Plymouth City Roller Derby on Sunday 2nd February at the Marjons sport centre. Come along and enjoy the buzz and excitement.

Plymouth City Roller Derby (PCRD) started in Plymouth in 2010 by a small group of local women interested in joining the growing number of teams across the UK and worldwide.

Roller Derby is a sport started in the late 1920s but had a revival traced back to the Riot Girl movement in Austin, Texas in 2001. It creates a unique space, largely for women to learn and compete. It is a full body contact sport played on quad roller skates. It’s fast paced, embodies athleticism, body positivity, competition, camaraderie and skill. It also has a lot of style, with rock, punk and alternative music inspired dress and attitude throughout.

PCRD is an inclusive place for all gender identities, backgrounds and abilities. Players are supported by many volunteers, supporters and referees (affectionately called zebras ) and safety has a high priority. Every match must comply with the UKRDA standards and involve highly trained referees, paramedics with top equipment and non – skating officials who uphold the rules.

That said, there is a strong DIY punk culture, and a subcultural set of values where leagues are owned and operated by themselves. PCRD self organises, has an active democratic committee and strongly values participation, equality and inclusion of all. It is an incredibly empowering and encouraging sport. It’s more than a sport, for many needing a physical release, experiencing poor mental health or seeking an alternative place to build friendships and support, PCRD itself is a unique space.

PCRD is a CIC has often campaigned and fundraised for local charities as well as attending many plymouth events, often the less mainstream ones such as Plymouth Pride, reclaim the night and local domestic abuse and sexual violence fundraisers.

In the last few years, some of our most experienced players have naturally moved on. We are currently recruiting and we are entering the British Champs and starting back at the bottom to build our team again. To do this, we must host a game and travel to others across the UK. Our first game is coming up really soon on Sunday 2nd February at the  Marjons sport centre.