Joint Solution-focused Practitioner Group with Guy Shennan

The Solution-focused Practitioner Group sessions are for people who have had some training in solution-focused practice, and wish to meet with others to develop their skills.

The sessions are a continuing professional development opportunity which aims to bring together people committed to working in a solution-focused way to develop skills and build networks. Sessions comprise any one or more of:

  • Teaching
  • skills practice
  • case studies
  • group exercises and discussions
  • SF sessional video footage

– all good opportunities for practitioners to step back from the daily work and reflect, learn and refresh.

Attendance at these sessions costs:

· £40 +VAT if funded by your organisation

· £25 + VAT if sole trader /microbusiness

· £15 + VAT if self-financing

· Free to unemployed

Receipts / invoices can be issued

To book or for more information contact:

In 2020, Zebra moved most of our work online. While this was an enforced change due to Covid, we have discovered some benefits, and we anticipate that some of our work will remain online.

Our SF Practitioner Groups are one such example, because the online format has allowed more people to attend, with no time-consuming travel requirements, and our shift to a single pan-South-west group has broadened the network.

This opportunity to dissolve geographical borders has triggered our interest to offer a new group open to anyone anywhere.
We’re teaming up with Guy Shennan Associates (GSA), based in London, to create and develop this new joint group. For the past 2 years, Zebra and GSA have been building an ever-closer relationship of shared enquiry and joint projects. Now, we see this joint SF Practitioner Group to be a hopeful opportunity to gather SF practitioners from far and wide.

In terms of our South-West England SF Practitioner Group, we believe there is also still the wish for this group to continue: even online, we think there’s still value in a geographically connected group – e.g. shared experiences and perspectives in the locality, the potential for physical comings-together for joint projects post-Covid etc…