South-West Solution-focused Practice Group: 7th July 2022

Thursday 7th July 3-6pm (on Zoom).

The Solution-focused Practice Group sessions are a continuing professional development (CPD) service that aims to bring together people committed to working in a solution-focused way to develop skills and build networks. Please let others know interested in developing their solution-focused understanding and skills about this opportunity.

Sessions comprise any one or more of:

* teaching
* skills practice
* case studies
* group exercises and discussions
*SF sessional video footage

– all good opportunities for practitioners to step back from the daily work and reflect, learn and refresh.

CPD attendance certificates can be issued.

Attendance at these sessions costs:

· £25 +VAT if funded by your organisation***

· £17 + VAT if sole trader /microbusiness

· £12 + VAT if self-financing (low income)

Book here

Receipts / invoices can be issued

**** If your organisation needs to raise a purchase order to pay for your attendance – please contact us directly via  with the PO stating the number (& names) and the cost per person, i.e. £25+VAT, many thanks.

For more information contact us:

Please note that we will be unable to refund/transfer credit for participant cancellations in the 72 hours up to the date and time of this session. Refunds or credit transfer to a future session are available if the event is postponed or cancelled.

Solution-focused Practice 2-Day Course Online 27th April & 4th May

Wednesdays 27th April & 4th May 2022
9.30 am – 4.30pm

using Zoom

The solution-focused approach is a versatile communication tool that can have real power in work with anyone who is stuck with big problems, as well as those just contemplating making some changes in life.

Trainer: Marc Gardiner

Marc is the SF lead of the Zebra Collective and a highly experienced SF practitioner and trainer of 20 years working with individuals, groups, communities and organisations.

£160+VAT per person; 40-page course notes and an attendance certificate with learning outcomes listed + free attendance at one Solution-focused Practitioner Group.

Discounts available for individuals self-financing (low income), and for 2+ bookings.

Contact: to book, or with any enquiries.

Please note that we will be unable to refund/transfer credit for participant cancellations in the week up to the start date of this course. Refunds or credit transfer to a future course are available if this course is postponed or cancelled.

About the course

Tired of getting stuck looking at the problem? This two-day course will leave you thinking and working in a powerful new way. It may change your life.

The ideas, values and skills of solution-focused communication are helpful to anyone who works with people: the focus moves away from the problem towards preferred futures, strengths, resilience and competencies, progress already made, and possibilities.

The power of this approach has long been evidenced in helping services, community work and schools, but is becoming recognised also in personnel management, organisational development, and coaching.

Solution-focused communication is a “non-expert” approach to helping and change work. That is, it’s not based on the notion that the worker knows best. There’s a paradox here, though, in that to learn to function as an effective, truly non-expert practitioner takes some expertise.

This course offers new communication skills and fosters personal & professional development, and will be useful to anyone who works with people – particularly those who support others through problems and change (e.g. workers in social care and housing support settings, mental health workers, community workers and health staff) and staff / team / organisation managers etc.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this online two-day workshop you will:

·         Have a working knowledge of the philosophy, value base, and key tools and techniques of solution-focused communication

·         Have experience of a solution-focused conversation, both as worker and client

·         Have insight into how the learning can be applied and sustained in your individual work context

·         Have an action plan and an immediate first step for consolidating and building on the learning, and for your future use of solution-focused communication

·         Know about the local networks for keeping in touch with solution-focused workers

What people said about this course:

“An excellent trainer with firm knowledge & skills, & a sustained belief – inspirational.”

 “Most valuable, interesting training session for a long time. Thanks.”

 “Wasn’t sure after first day whether this could be useful in support work – convinced now … <and> … would like to practice more…fascinating.”

“Many thanks for a great second session yesterday, it was a fast paced, stimulating day and I’m now full of enthusiasm for SF and looking forward to putting it into practice.”

 “The best training I have been on since I can remember! I believe this will have a huge impact on my working and personal life! Thank you.”

 “I think it is life changing – thanks.”