Solution-focused Practice 2-day Example Outline

The solution-focused approach is a versatile and powerful way of creating conversations of possibility and change. The ideas, values and skills of solution-focused practice are helpful to anyone who works with people: the focus moves away from the problem towards preferred futures, strengths, resourcefulness, resilience, progress already made, and possibilities.

The power of this approach has long been evidenced in the full range of helping services, community work and schools and is now recognised also in personnel management, organisational development, and coaching.

Solution-focused is a “non-expert” approach: that is, everyone is the expert in what it is to be themselves, with their unique story and meanings, motivations, values etc. The worker, then, doesn’t know best, and has no advice to give, few suggestions to make: their job is to ask questions that foster the person’s best thinking. (The paradox here in that to be an effective, truly non-expert practitioner takes some expertise.)

Solution-focused offers strong, very adaptable new ways of thinking and practicing for change workers, and is useful to anyone who supports others through problems and change, e.g. workers in mental health, health, social care, housing, community work, and staff / team / organisation managers.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this two-day workshop you will:

  1. Have a working knowledge of the philosophy, value base, and key tools and techniques of solution-focused practice
  2. Have experience on both sides of a solution-focused conversation
  3. Have insight into how the learning can be applied and sustained in your specific work context
  4. Have an action plan and an immediate first step for consolidating and building on the learning, and for your future use of the solution-focused approach
  5. Know about the local networks for keeping in touch with solution-focused workers


Participant Numbers:  up to 15