Solution-focused Management

Solution-focused management offers a powerful approach to managing people that is simple and eminently practical and effective in its use.

The core principles of solution-focused management are: simplicity, co-operation and an emphasis on valuing present personnel’s strengths and resources. These principles, combined with its practical techniques, make solution-focused management a cost effective and beneficial approach to take.

A problem focus in the workplace is time consuming and demotivating whereas solution-focused discovery invites us to find and do things that work quickly and well and to stop continually doing what isn’t working. This makes it both time-efficient and motivating.

This two day course is a development of our established Managing People course. It is aimed at individuals responsible for managing staff and volunteers for the first time and for existing managers who wish to refresh their skills.

By the end of the course, you will:

Things people said about this course: 

“One of the best courses I’ve been on”

“I’ll be happier going back to my role as a manager”

“I will use this to support my staff and be a better line-manager”


“Totally enjoyed the whole course and the people that I met”

“Great course, great trainer. Thanks”

“It was all brilliant”