Mental Health Awareness Course Outline Example

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is increasingly a topic of public discussion, which is good news, as public awareness is an essential step in reducing stigma. However, the topic remains deeply misunderstood and misrepresented, thus fear and exclusion continue, impacting massively on a person experiencing mental health difficulties.

And that can be any of us.

This workshop seeks to address the misunderstandings, so that participants leave better informed on the subject and with a better idea of how to be helpful to a person struggling with mental health issues.

The session includes:

Participants explore their beliefs and attitudes on the subject, and reflect on their own mental health. They reflect on the implications of the session’s learning for their work in community contexts: how they might think, speak and act differently.

A variety of engaging formats keep things moving: a case study, video, presentations, large & small group discussion, a practice self-assessment exercise.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this workshop, you will: