Promoting Equality & Challenging Discrimination Workshop

What does Promoting Equality look like in 2019?

We know that people are individuals with a multitude of identities, experiences, thoughts and feelings. And we as workers / practitioners / citizens are looking at the world through our own unique lens which sometimes contains conflicting interests / biases / prejudices as well as compassion, curiosity and a commitment to social justice.

How can we challenge discrimination without putting a person on the defensive, and instead create the conditions for genuine opportunities for change of attitude and practice?

This workshop will encourage you to explore what you know and do already, what your strengths and resources are in promoting equality and how you can build on these in your unique work / life context and within the remits and duties of equality legislation.

We will create and hold a learning environment where you can leave feeling energised, hopeful, reflective and confident to really embed the principles of equality and inclusion into your everyday practice and work culture.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this one-day workshop you will…

What people have said  about this course –

“Very good and interactive, I liked that it wasn’t just reading from a PowerPoint. Enjoyed the in-depth discussions especially around political correctness and use of language.”


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