Zebra offers a full equality and diversity training and consultancy service, including generic and specialised training, equality impact assessment (and training in equality impact assessment) and support with developing and implementing policies.

We’ve delivered equality training for ¬†multifarious organisations over our 15 years, from large statutory authorities through to large national voluntary sector organisations through to small grass roots groups.

Topics include such key concepts as equality, inclusion, identity, intersectionality,  cultural capability, power, privilege, prejudice, unwitting prejudice, unconscious bias, discrimination, institutional discrimination and oppression.

We are confident we are delivering exceptional training that balances the need to proceed sensitively to achieve engagement and bring people on board with the topics, with the need to challenge people’s prejudices, which are often as unconscious as they are deeply held.

Only through this delicate balance can attitude change be achieved, and attitude change is the essential precursor to genuine, significant and lasting change in practice and behaviour.

Examples of our Equality training offer: