The Solution-Focused Collective

The Solution-focused Collective is a loose and fluid grouping of solution-focused practitioners from around the world, who share a belief in the potential of the solution-focused approach to help in the creation of social change, towards greater social justice.

Guy Shennan Associates

Zebra is developing a partnership with Guy Shennan Associates. Guy is a Solution-focused practitioner, trainer, consultant, therapist, campaigner with an extensive background in social work. All these aspects are amply reflected in his website which is a superb resource for solution-focused practice and thinking.

Marc has presented together with Guy on a number of occasions, including at the Irish Association of Social Workers event, Advocates and Allies, in Dublin in September 2019. Guy and Marc co-wrote Collectivising solution-focused practice, which was published in the Critical and Radical Social Work journal in 2018. Zebra were also part of the organising team for the 2019 UKASFP Conference alongside Guy and Rob Black.