Zebra People

Marc Gardiner – co-founder of Zebra, came with experience from multifarious roles in social care and community work: leads on our solution-focused work and involved in all elements of Zebra’s offer.

Tom Miller – occupational therapist and community mental health worker with a long and varied career involving the delivery, design, and management of community treatment and support services: active in our mental health / well-being team.

Aaron Standon – social worker and ex-head of social work, with extensive experience in adult mental health, learning disabilities and children services as well as Devon’s IMCA Team, in both delivery and management roles.  Most recent work was as Practice Educator (Devon’s Social Work Academy): now working with Zebra’s Equalities strand.

Susan Lawrence – is a Dramatherapist, a Social Worker (Fostering), and a Group Trainer and Facilitator. She is based in Bristol and works within the South West.  Susan works from a Creative and Community Development Perspective, with particular interest in Self Esteem, Confidence and Empowerment work with people and communities.

Chas Shaw – co-founder of Zebra, with a background in community development, with special interest in strengthening the resident voice in social housing: Zebra finance & admin.

Brigid McKittrick – background in voluntary sector support services. Focus on strength-based and asset-based approaches, trauma-informed and solution-focused practice.