Zebra People

Haley Peckham – Mental health nurse, neuroscientist, and philosopher, pictured here with her Number One fan, Raspberry.

Haley brings critical perspectives from neuroscience and evolutionary biology to contemporary perspectives of trauma-informed care, and to the challenges of working coherently with our own and others’ vulnerability and accountability.


Brigid McKittrick – background in voluntary sector support services. Focus on strengths / asset-based approaches & trauma-informed and solution-focused practice.




Marc Gardiner– co-founder of Zebra, came with experience from multifarious roles in social care and community work. Leads on our trauma-informed and solution-focused practice work and involved in all elements of Zebra’s offer.


Ray Middleton (PhD) – 30 years’+ experience of workforce development with people working with people who are socially excluded and experiencing multiple disadvantages. This work includes: complex trauma, ‘mental health’, substance use and housing.
Ray focuses on: Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP), Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE), Pre-treatment, and the ‘how to’ of facilitating group reflective practice. Ray draws motivation from his own experience of surviving complex childhood trauma.


Tom Miller – occupational therapist and community mental health worker with a long and varied career involving the design, delivery and management of community treatment and support services. Active in our trauma-informed, ‘mental health’ & well-being work.



Chas Shaw – co-founder of Zebra, with a background in co-operative development and resident participation & empowerment. Zebra finance & administration.