Zebra People

Marc Gardiner – co-founder of Zebra, came with experience from multifarious roles in social care and community work: leads on our solution-focused work and involved in all elements of Zebra’s offer.



Susan Lawrence – dramatherapist, social worker (fostering), and a Group Trainer and Facilitator. Based in Bristol and working within the South West, Susan works from a creative and community  development perspective, with particular interest in self-esteem, confidence and empowerment work with people and communities.  

Brigid McKittrick – background in voluntary sector support services: learning and service development. Focus on strengths-based and asset-based approaches, trauma-informed and solution-focused practice.


Tom Miller – occupational therapist and community mental health worker with a long and varied career involving the delivery, design, and management of community treatment and support services: active in our trauma-informed, ‘mental health’ / well-being team.

Chas Shaw – co-founder of Zebra, with a background in co-operative development and resident participation & empowerment: Zebra finance & admin.