Welcome to Zebra

Zebra will work with your organisation or community group to help you develop and improve the work that’s important to you by:

  • Providing training that meets your needs
  • Engaging in community development work
  • Providing facilitation services
  • Offering external supervision
  • Helping to write and implement policies & equality impact assessments
  • Evaluating projects in a way that enables you to learn from what’s worked well

Our core values run through everything we do, so you can expect our work to be inclusive and build on your strengths, progress and successes. We generate our income from the work we provide.

We’re an equal pay worker cooperative based in Plymouth and working across the South West and nationally.



As a workers’ co-op we’re signed up to a set of co-operative values and principles which were first articulated by the Rochdale Pioneers in 1844, and which have been developed, refined and agreed on by generations of co-operators since. We’re members of Co-operatives South West and Co-operatives UK and make it our business to support other co-ops wherever possible.

We strongly believe that all human beings have a capacity for co-operation and fairness which is at least as strong as our capacity for competitive self-interest. And yet our social, political and economic systems are structured to encourage competition and reward ruthlessness. We believe this is the single most significant reason we find ourselves in the current global economic and ecological crisis, and the reason why there seems to be no clear way out. For a readable introduction to some of the research and evidence to support this, try It’s Co-operation Stupid by Charles Leadbeater.

Our values, structure and identity as a workers’ co-operative and our support of the co-operative movement are our small way of exploring an alternative and demonstrating that organisations, communities and societies which encourage and reward the expression of co-operation and co-operative values are not only desirable, but entirely possible.