Column Acoustic

Column Acoustic, which was 5 in June, is an active collaboration between a Zebra Collective team of volunteers & Devonport Guildhall.

The sessions attract people from the neighbourhood and across the city and beyond to watch new, emerging and seasoned performers in the perfect acoustics of the Mayor’s Parlour.

As well as growing the cultural and recreational life of our community, such events contribute to the steady erosion of the long held negative stereotypes about Devonport.

Our last show was 29th September, a sell-out featuring debuts from the Landrake Louts, Aaron Mills (who made us happy with the first ever Mountain Goats cover at Column A – though I did read out Colour in Your Cheeks as a poem during a benefit for asylum seekers & refugees a couple of years ago, a real tear jerker) & Warshy (Crazy Arm’s Darren in his solo format), and happy returns from the Music Family Robinson & Platypus UK.

This one was for All Ways Apples, the inspirational community project promoting all sorts of stuff to do with food: affordability, nutritious, edible urban environments, breaking bread together, education, and apple dunking. Their annual jamboree is at Devonport Guildhall on Wednesday 25th October, 11am – 4pm. Try their Facebook page.

Marc G

Next Date: tbc. With so much going on in the Zebra day job, we have little spare capacity right now. It may be that our next show is our annual International Women’s Day celebration in early March.

For more information on Column Acoustic, email or check the Facebook Page




Our November 2016 show was our new biggest ever: a massive party night that raised just over £1k for Plymouth Access to Housing’s Hardship Fund. That’s double our previous fundraising record. 

All 6 acts featured a PATH worker: not a pantomime – they’re jolly good.

Thanks everyone who made it happen, from performers (including The Two Horsemen, pictured <photography Allen Howell>), through to you paying punters.